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The four people in the van who were killed in the accident were identified Tuesday as Chinese nationals who were visiting the United States. Names of the deceased haven’t been released, but the Arizona Department of Public Safety said a 52-year-old male was driving. Two of the passengers were 52-year-old females and a third passenger was a 19-year-old female. All were wearing their , authorities said.

I thought it was a good deal,” the Detroit Lions quarterback said. “I’m never against anybody making as much money as they can. That’s great. This is a limited-time business. We don’t get to play this game until we’re 50, and he’s a heck of a player, deserving of every cent.

And you have two points to play with, on average, per week. Not sure many folks would go for the third WR after grabbing Nelson and Watkins, but it just goes to show there are many ways to get there. Having the point totals helps keep you from veering off course too much.

Of course, the Steelers have a longstanding policy not to negotiate with a player until he enters the final year of his current contract. If there were ever a non-quarterback for whom they’d break the rule, it’s Brown, who will no doubt test their commitment to that policy. After settling on the extra $2 million last year, Brown’s camp set its sights on flexibility in 2016 free shipping. The Steelers, however, will want to cling to their tradition because of the precedent it sets.

Meanwhile, David Johnson is going fifth among RBs and in the first round on ESPN. Johnson had an amazing rookie season and I think he is a very talented running back, but he has had a total of four — count ’em, four — games in his nfl cheat sheet fantasy career with double-digit carries. That’s it. He performed very well in those games, but it’s a very small sample size, and ask anyone who spent an early-round pick on (ahem) Montee Ball, C.J. Anderson or even Jeremy Hill last season. All were high draft picks based, in essence, on having a big half a season and none lived up to their ADP.

There you go. This is actually a pretty solid starting lineup. There’s definitely some injury risk here with Gurley, Watkins, Lewis and Nelson all coming off injuries, or having a history of it, and I don’t love going that early for a defense, but still … a lot of upside.

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Hayne, 28, signed with the San Francisco 49ers as an undrafted free agent in March 2015 after he gave up a lucrative rugby career in Australia to take a shot at the nfl gear for sale nz.

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